Window tinting



Tinted film glasses emphasize the individuality and uniqueness of the car. The car with tinted glass looks more beautiful and luxurious. You can choose a film for your car from the widest range of colors.


Film-coated glass reflects 99% of harmful UV rays, eliminates unwanted sun reflection from surface, and protects interior details from fading. Tinted film car glasses reduce the dazzling effect of sunlight and prevent sunlight from transmittance into the interior – increasing the comfort of driving a car.


Car manufacturers supply cars with originally “dark” windshields with a light transmission of 15 to 20%. So, if the car is tinted with at least 15% of the passing light film, driving in both dark and light during the day does not interfere with visibility. Windshields in “EVELKAS” are tinted with high quality American film SunTek, which reduces dazzling from sun reflections and neutralizes the lights of other cars. In the event of an accident, the glass is sealed with a film that protects from damage of shattered glass fragments, as they remain attached to the film after breaking the glass and do not enter the car interior.


Tinted windshields are preventing unwanted attention to belongins left in the car.


Films that we use have a protective layer, so they won’t be scratched by cleaning over time. The color of these films also will not fade away from the sun. Here in “EVELKAS” we are using cutting-edge technology, so we guarantee perfect quality.